Braucam kopā uz Ed Sheeran Mathematics Wolrd Tour koncertu Kauņā, 2024. gada 4. augustā

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Ed Sheeran +-=÷× 2024 (Mathematics) Tour – Kaunas, August 4th

Ed Sheeran - the genius singers extra show in Kaunas!

After a 5-year break, the world's hottest songwriter Ed Sheeran returns to the Baltics with two concerts in Kaunas. The organizers of the concert tour promise that this will be the most impressive show in which Ed Sheeran has performed. A huge and rotating stage will help everyone to feel in the presence of the artist. Those further away from the stage will be able to watch the performance on giant video screens.

The British singer-songwriter incorporates the truths of life and personal experiences into his work. His songs describe both witty life situations and life's joy and pain. They reflected his musical talent and emotional depth. Ed Sheeran's concert tours are impressive - he does not perform songs, but also delights his fans with fun and heartfelt performances. His ability to create an intimate connection with the audience makes his concerts an unforgettable experience, where everyone present feels like meeting Ed Sheeran personally. His works and concert tours are like a journey through the stories of life, which connects all concertgoers with special and emotional music.

What to expect at an Ed Sheeran concert?

As the +-=÷× (Mathematics) concert tour will take place for the third year already, and several "Seasons" albums have been released during it, the visitors of this year's concerts will surely expect a new experience. This tour has so far been a celebration of the first era of his career. He's since moved on to seasonally themed albums (i.e. "Autumn Variations"), but the first half-dozen albums of his career were named after mathematical symbols. It will be interesting to see how Sheeran brings his Autumn Variations entries to the show. Given that he started incorporating Subtract songs into his 2023 concerts, we're assuming he'll do the same with "Autumn Variations" — even if it's not based on math.

During the concert, Ed is mostly alone on stage, playing all the music live using various instruments and a loop machine. It's not uncommon for Sheeran to ask the audience to sing back-up vocals for him several times during the show. We can't imagine a crowd that wouldn't want to be a part of Sheeran's mega-chorus. Needless to say, Sheeran's tour is unique in its lack of band accompaniment. With the exciting nature of his music, it's amazing to see how simple the accompaniment to his songs is. However, while his songs are simple to record and play live, Sheeran's musicianship is impressive to say the least.

Braucam Kopā uz Ed Sheeran
Let's go together to Ed Sheeran

How will Ed Sheeran's supplementary concert in Kaunas sound?

As mentioned above, this tour is a compilation of the first albums of Ed Sheeran's career. But, why did two more see the light of day after the release of the last Mathematics album - "Autumn Variations" and "No. 6 Collaborations Project", we can certainly expect a piece from these albums at the concert. You will no doubt hear what have become modern classics such as 'Castle on the Hill', 'Shape of You' and 'Photograph', as well as recent blockbusters 'American Town' and 'Eyes Closed'.

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